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David and his firm at Advantage Accounting Group has helped my business tremendously. I feel over the past two years not only has David and his team helped my business I have a great friend in David. My profit & loss sheets as well as all accounting needs are always taken care of and are beyond perfect. Advantage Accounting Group I refer to all my friends and family. If you’re in need of a great accounting firm give David and his team a call trust me it will be the best call you ever make. He will save you money and take all the accounting stress away.

Take(s) all the accounting stress away

Tom Gregg, Corona, CA. | Owner of Platinum Collision Centers

Establish Greater Profitability and Business EffICIENCY!

Your business’ profitability and operational efficiency are at the center of your business’ success!

Our experience, resources, and attention to detail make our accounting services second-to-none. As an experienced accounting team, we look forward to the opportunity to help transform your business’ financials as we work with you to establish short- and long-term strategies for growth and profitability.

Working with us and enlisting our business services could make all the difference!

Whether you need help starting a business, cleaning up your bookkeeping, setting up QuickBooks, handling payroll, or you crave some much-needed business coaching or other strategic consulting, we have been doing this for years, and stay on top of all of the new regulations to help you take the most advantage possible. Legally, and ethically — and profitably.

We work with our clients in a relational way to help them experience the financial success they desire — whether the business is just an idea, relatively new, or a well-established entity. Whether small, large, or in need of some special attention, we have the experience you need so that you can focus on what your business does best.


Five Financial and Tax Strategies For Southern California Small Businesses

It's increasingly clear to all of us that our present "cultural moment" can take a toll on any Southern California person's mind who isn't vigilant. Constant connectedness to those who are (by their very vocation) incentivized to highlight change, chaos and fear is...

Make the Switch to David Fiene And You’ll Receive A Complimentary Tax Planning Session

Look -- I know how hard it is to move from one tax professional in Southern California to another. Which is why I would like to take a minute here to address those who haven't yet made the decision to use our services. After all, we've helped many Southern California...

Develop Your Southern California Target Client With These 7 Important Traits

While we're on the subject of what's holding Southern California business owners back... I wrote recently about how too many of my Southern California small business owner clients don't allow themselves the gift of good delegation. It keeps them toiling along with...

Special Business Knowledge And Southern California Business Success

Yes, there's plenty to say about that Super Bowl, the advertisements (apparently, they're all Tide ads), the halftime show, etc. But I'll let others weigh in there. I'm a tax professional after all. Congratulations Eagles fans, etc. Here at Advantage Accounting Group,...

The First Thing You Need To Do

Set it as your personal goal to increase (or start) your household money moving in these directions:

Let’s Talk About Your Business…

But the problem is that there’s a lot of confusion out there about how to grow your business right-with cost-effective, powerful strategies…

Complimentary Tax Return Review and 2018 TCJA Planning Session for Southern California Businesses

I'm going to take a moment to address you who might NOT be using our services thus far. There's a word or two for current Advantage Accounting Group clients here as well, but allow me to explain. You see, sometimes, you just know you need to make a change, but the...

Three Tips On How To Succeed as an Entrepreneurial Business Owner in Southern California

Now that TY2017 is behind us, it is time to turn our greedy eyes towards the savings possible for you and your Southern California business in the "new" tax code under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. And there are many ways to save with these new regulations. One...

The Most Important Factor in Southern California Small Business Valuation

I've heard from many of my Southern California business owner contacts over these last few months, thanking me for the notes that we put together, sending thoughts and questions -- and letting me know that they've sent their friends to see us for their business and...

Three More Questions To Consider in 2018 For Your Southern California Small Business Plan

We are in that "calm before the storm" period before busy season begins in earnest for us, and it's a great time for us -- and for you, in my opinion -- to take stock. As we prepare for the increased activity and communication level that always comes this time of...

How You’re Missing Legal Tax Deductions

Here’s a certain truth: the State and Federal Government would love to have more of your hard-earned money in their accounts. Sure, even though it’s painful, none of us begrudge paying our legal and fair share of taxes.

But the problem is that regular taxpayers, like you, are missing out on legal and safe deductions, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds every year!